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November 2nd 2009 was the debute of my first article in my new YumaSun column "Personal Computer. This page is a resource with links to my YumaSun articles and other resources that I think will be of interest. Please publically comment on the articles in the area provided by the YumaSun. I'll respond to email sent to

My goal with these columns is to advise readers about computer topics that are interesting; share resources and techniques that are useful; and alert readers to important computer related news. Please comment but no drive-by-shooting please!

I believe that I'm very qualified to write this column: I've owned several computer consulting businesses and have been teaching as full time business information systems faculty for almost two decades. You can find out much about me at, my home page, and on my Vita. In brief, I'm currently a full-time professor of Computer Information Systems at Arizona Western College and adjunct faculty at the Yuma campus of Northern Arizona University.


Articles Published in the Yuma Sun
Give Your Computer a Tune-Up How to tune-up your compture. This was supposed to be my first article in "Personal Computer" but it snuck in when no one was looking.
The Net Knows About You! Resources and thoughts about information that is pubilcally available on the Internet.
Creating a Web Presence
How and why to create a web footprint. Some does and don'ts.
Creating a Web Presence can be free, easy
(as in the Yuma Sun)
Identity Theft What is identity theft and what can you do about it?
Precautions can be made against identity theft
(as in the Yuma Sun)
e-Entrepreneurship How to start an online business.
Third Stage of the Industrial Revolution is Here
(as in the Yuma Sun)

Ideas for future columns

  • Viruses, Worms, and Bots. Oh My!
  • Backing up your data
  • Some quick tips
  • My favorite sites
  • What kind of computer should you buy?
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Windows 7
  • How to improve your search results
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Free and Useful Software
  • Best way to learn to use software
  • Working with digital photos
  • What is the Internet?
  • EULAs - Do you know what you are agreeing to?
  • Organizing your information
  • Recovering lost data?
  • How do computers work?
  • Collaborative Software
  • My computers broken - What do I do?
  • Setting up your home Wifi Network
  • Copyright Law
  • Why Stealing is Bad
  • Accessibility
  • Online Dating
  • The Sixth Estate
  • What's Going On in Yuma?

Please email me with your thoughts and requests for columns

This page will always be under construction.

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